Take the guesswork and learning
curve out of your online security

And mitigate your exposure to the 95% of breaches caused by human error.

Security of your business should never be an afterthought 

You aren't really worried about cybersecurity. (Okay, maybe a little but if you play ostrich, maybe the hackers will go away?) Besides, why would a hacker be interested in you anyway?

Here's the real problem with that:

  • At least 55% of you haven't done anything to strengthen your passwords. That number is probably higher, because it doesn't address the issue of reused passwords.
  • 73% of small business owners don't use security software.
  • 79% don't use a VPN.
  • 20% don't do anything at all. Nada. Nothing. Zilch.

It's really no wonder that half of all cyberattacks target SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses).

The real question is: How are ensuring that you and your staff are doing everything need to mitigate the 95% of cyberbreaches that happen due to human error?

Introducing the Online Security Review 

Chances are big that you could really benefit from an Online Security Review (the IT folks would call this a cyber hygiene check-up).

The goal of the Online Security Review is to address the areas that most commonly result in leaving your computer, tools, and setup vulnerable due to human error. Human error (aka The Human Factor) is consistently identified as the #1 problem in cybersecurity.

The areas that we address include:

  1. How secure your systems are
  2. Review your physical assets, like computers and devices
  3. Review your digital assets, like social media, websites, emails, etc. 
  4. Review client interactions and who has access to what
  5. Review team members and roles (employees and contractors, including VAs)
  6. Passwords and Password Management
  7. Review who has access to your systems (and whether they should)
  8. How are you CYA? (protecting yourself legally)
  9. Plans & Policies, including cybersec policy, privacy policy, GDPR, and more

Each area addresses several different issues within each section.

We think we're pretty thorough, but if you have specific questions, we are happy to answer them!

What's Included 

My mission is to make cybersecurity as unscary and accessible as I possibly can. That means I do the review and analysis, and you implement the recommendations.

We will laugh. I'll tell a few stories. And once we're done, you'll be surprised at just how painless it was.

Here's what you get: 

  • Someone else to do the heavy lifting and figure out where the issues are in your online security ($4000+)
  • Any links you need or solutions to any unusual issues ($100+)
  • A checklist of what to do ($3000)
  • Access to recordings of our intake conversation ($1200)
  • Access to any video trainings I have that you may need to implement your checklist, including courses I sell ($1000+)
  • 30 days support as you implement these updates ($250)
  • Optional follow-up session as needed ($1200)


$11,750 USD

Your price

$1750 USD

Want more support or DFY service? 

For someone to do it for you or to walk you through getting it done?

Take advantage of our VIP day.

I will block off a whole day to work with you 1:1.

Will it take all day? That depends on how much of a hot mess your situation is.  And yes, we can split it up over two days.

In addition to everything listed above, you'll receive:

  • Help prioritizing what needs to be done
  • Support walking through each step
  • Confirmation everything is being done correctly
  • Unlimited support and availability throughout the day
  • Only $3500 USD

Can you afford to lose your business?

Can you afford the downtime if you get hacked? (Do you even know what your legal obligations are in this situation?)

Or if your devices get locked down due to ransomware? (What's your first step?)

Can you take the hit if your PayPal account gets wiped out? (If it's not their fault, they aren't paying.) 

If you can say "No" to any of these questions, know this: Each one of these questions are based on real life situations. And it didn't usually end well for the entrepreneur or business owner.

Let me take you from this...

...to this.

In less time than you expect.

How important is your professional reputation?

What if someone hijacks your social media account(s)? Maybe you can rebuild your social media, but how much time and goodwill will that take?

Can you afford the fines if your clients' or vendors' data is stolen? Most SMBs cannot.

What if a malicious employee or contractor deleted key files or destroyed your website? (This one happens more than you realize.)

If your response to any of these questions is "OMG, what a nightmare!" or "I think I'd start start crying," then it is time to limit your exposure. Schedule a call. I promise not to bite.

This process is almost as simple as 1-2-3. 

Step 1:

The Interview

Your time is valuable, so I treat it that way. In most cases, video conferencing is all we need to do. I'll record it for you, too.

Step 2:

Gather Resources for You

Your business and needs are unique. I'll find you the links you need + curate the courses & videos from our collection that you will help you implement the recommended changes.

Step 3:

Follow-up & Support

You receive 30 days support in case you have any questions about updating your online security.

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