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Staying safe online
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Introducing Cybersecurity for HumansTM 
(in other words, Cybersecurity for the Rest of UsTM). 

Our clients are people and companies who want and need to stay safe online but don't have the time or energy to determine their cybersecurity (or "cybersec" for short) needs.

For example, we know you don't need to understand how a man-in-the-middle attack happens, or even what it is. What you need to know is how to make sure that who you're communicating with online is the person who you think they are. 

That's why our goal is to make cybersec accessible and understandable by non-techie folks. Our mission is to make learning about cybersec fun, interesting, and...dare we say? enough that you will enjoy the process enough to adopt the new habits and more that will keep you safest online. 

Where Are Your Weak Links?

Can you afford to lose your business? 

This is a serious question. More than half of small businesses that experience a cyber breach go out of business within 6 months.

What if you lost access to your devices? What if they were locked down? Does your business store personal information? Do you have clients from all over the world? As a small business, chances are that you don't have all the pieces in place that can keep you safe from cyber breaches 95% of the time. Let us show you what you need to do.

Can you afford to have your identity stolen?

 Has your personal information ever been hacked in a company's security breach? Do you have children? Do you use the same wifi connection as them? Are you confident they are safe online?

 It's painfully ironic that the one place we should be safe, we are constantly under attack. We don't even realize how often it happens. It doesn't take much to breach our defenses because most of the time, our defenses are weak. Let me show you how to keep your home and family safe.

Is your password situation a hot mess?

Can you remember your passwords? Do you reuse the same password ? Does your business or family share credentials? Or store passwords in a central and easily accessed location?

   Great passwords is one the main things that you can do to keep yourself and your family safe. However, following all those rules gets confusing and overwhelming. What if I could show you how to do take care of this once and for all? Click here to learn more.  

Want help figuring out where to start?

You know you have a problem, but you don't know where to start and you're really not interested in figuring out those details. Wouldn't it be great to get a personalized checklist?

Let me help with a Vulnerability Audit of where human error could leave you open to a cyberattack. Find out more about
our HEVA here.

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